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Donator Upgrade
25 USD
25 Credits
  • Permanent
  • Standard Account Upgrade

TTT Donator Permanent Upgrade is a permanent upgrade to your Browntown Gaming account. This upgrade gives you full donator privileges and perks on this Trouble in Terrorist Town server. 


Does not include privileges and features on other Browntown Gaming servers unless otherwise stated below.


Features for this server's upgrade:

  • Access to basic moderator commands (subject to the terms outlined in the Staff and Donator Guidelines on our forums)
  • 50% more Global Pointshop points earned for actions
  • Access to exclusive Discord text and voice lobby on Discord
  • The rank "Donator" in-game along with aforementioned privileges 
  • 50,000 in-game Premium Pointshop points

Permissions may be revoked if misused or if you violate any of our in-game and Community Rules

* The points will be added to your in-game PREMIUM balance. Once they are in your balance, you can spend them on premium items (select servers) or exchange them for regular, spendable points in our pointshop. Once exchanged, you can spend them as normal or transfer them to Discord.

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